Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Wreck this Journal #4

Accepting that it's ok to tear up this book is hard, but I have to admit, it's kind of fun. It's definitely providing some laughs. 

This week in R's book the page said "chew on this page". And he did!  I chose a page that required me to tear it out of the book.

We had fun kicking it around the kitchen for awhile. And then....

Buddy wanted to play! He took off with the "golf ball" and tore it up and turned it into a slobbery mess. LOL 

And because Buddy had a piece if paper,  Christmas wanted one too. You can see her shredded mess in the first picture. They love tearing up paper when given permission to do so. We have never had a problem with them chewing on anything unless we tell them they can. Pepper on the other hand, thinks they are nuts and never chews on paper!

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Little Things

Weekly review: January 14-20, 2019
I felt a lot better this week! I just focused on doing my routines, one step at a time.  I ordered R's birthday gifts and got my hair trimmed. On Friday I went to a downtown coffee shop with a friend.  We don't do this often because it's expensive!

The best part of this week:
No weight gain.

This week's struggle:
Thinking about changing my routines.  But I have always struggled with change and when I try to mix things up, I always come back to the original.  Deep down I love this routine.

Quote of the week:
"Today I shall behave as if this is the day I will be remembered." Dr. Seuss

Goal review:
1. Save $50
☆Done. I'm doing very well with my savings challenge so far this year.
2. Walk 18 miles
*Not doing so well with the miles.  Only 11.76 miles this week.
3. 1,000 stitches.
*Didn't do any stitching this week. I'll catch up on this as soon as the Stitchy Bug returns.
4. Work on quilt.
☆I did this one. I got the last two rows of my nine block together and now I just need to sew the rows together.  I'm really excited about this because it's my first quilt and I'm stitching it all by hand.

Favorite photo of the week:

Planning for January 21-27

1. Clean the bedroom closets.
2. Walk 18 miles.
3. Finish quilt block.

On the calendar:
1. Full moon
2. R paid day off on Monday, but working for a little while.
3. Birthday packages are due to be delivered.
4. Finish January bills.
5. Pro Bowl on Sunday.  Friends here.
6. Get things ready for Sunday lunch.

Monday, January 21, 2019

Weigh in

Jan. 13:  169.4
Jan. 20:  169.6
Loss/gain:  +.2

Seven day average: 170.8
Last seven day average: 171.6

Miles, goal 18
Total:  11.76
Last week:  8.47

Exercise minutes
Total:  120
Last week: 43

*Includes yoga on three days.

Total:  156 oz
Last week:  132 oz

I'm considering this as a maintain.
.2 could just be that cup of coffee I had before weighing, and my weekly average is down so that's a win!
I increased water, miles and exercise
minutes.... that's improvement too.

My attitude was much better this week  despite the fact that the lady bug showed up.  I guess the week before I was just having a little PMS hormonal breakdown. LOL

I feel like I'm back on track. My goal for January 21-27 is to improve in every category again.

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Wreck this Journal #3

This week I did a few of the more (slightly) "destructive" pages in my journal .

First up was this coffee page. After the first couple drips, I checked the back and noticed it was bleeding through to the next page. It was getting coffee on a non-coffee page! I have to admit that at that point I put a paper towel behind the page to protect the following page. LOL  I know..... the point is to not care about things like that.  I'm just not there yet.

The next page is the one right behind the coffee page. See the drips?

As I'm posting this I realize that I didn't poke any holes outside of the guides. Maybe I should go back and do that?

The final page this week is a sewing page.

I wanted my stitches to be neat and in a straight line. Paper is not forgiving when you put the needle in the wrong place. See the holes?

And just for fun....the back.

Wonder what crazy things I'll do next week? Be sure to come back and see.

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Little Things

Weekly review: January 7-13, 2019
This was a tough mental week for me. I felt like I was (am) never going to reach my goals so why bother.  My attitude made it hard to get anything done.

The best part of the week:
Craft Night on Tuesday and football all weekend.

This week's struggle:
Obviously my attitude.

Quote of the week:
"Pursue your purpose with calm determination, and enjoy the journey every bit as much as the destination."

Goal review:
1. Get back into routines.
*My beloved routines barely happened.
2. Walk 18 miles.
*Walked 8.47 miles.
3. 1,000 stitches.
*I didn't cross stitch at all. (But I did work on my quilt.)

Favorite photo:
A fancy dinner party for my grandsons' cats.

Planning for January 14-20

1. Save $50.
2. Walk 18 miles.
3. 1,000 stitches.
4. Work on quilt.

Might as well keep the same goals until I reach them!

On the calendar:
1. Call in prescriptions .
2. R doctor appointment on Wednesday.
3. Son's birthday.
4. Payday, bills.
5. Hair cut on Friday.
6. NFL conference championship games.

Monday, January 14, 2019

Weigh in

Jan 6:  170
Jan 13:  169.4
Loss/gain:  -.6

Seven day average: 171.6
Last seven day average:  171

Goal: 18 miles
Total: 8.47
Last week: 13.99

Exercise minutes: 43
Last week:  164

Water: 132 oz
Last week:  156 oz

Friday, January 11, 2019

Reevaluating already?

Maybe I haven't found my groove yet. Maybe I'm being lazy. Maybe I put too much in the planner. Maybe I set my goals too high. Maybe I'm expecting too much of myself. Maybe I just have a bad attitude and need to suck it up and get things done.

This week I have been struggling with (I don't want to say a lack of motivation. I'm totally motivated and inspired. My "want" power is strong.) lets say being positive.

The negative voices are saying "what's the point?" Ive been trying to lose weight for two years and I'm still in the 170's where I started. R does not want me on a "diet". He's all for being more active and drinking more water. He's very supportive in that department.  But because for so many years I was borderline anorexic and lived on 600-800 calories a day, he is very aware of what and how much I eat. It doesn't help that I'm a picky eater and hate most vegetables.  It makes it extremely hard to consume a decent meal.  All these hurdles have me wondering this week if it's worth it to be so obsessively concerned with steps, miles, calories, and that darn number on the scale.  I hate being this weight! I want to lose! I want to see results, not just bounce up and down in a five pound range! It's so hard!

My bad attitude doesn't stop with the weight loss issue. This week I'm wondering why I feel it necessary to scrub the toilets every day. Is it healthy to wipe the kitchen counters with a bleach cleaner twice a day?  Do the windows  really need cleaned every month of the year? Is anyone going to notice if I don't empty the cabinets and wipe them with that bleach cleaner every month? And how many people move the stove, refrigerator and dishwasher to clean under them every three months?

Realistically I know the answer to all these questions.  I also know, that yes, I feel it necessary to do this type of cleaning along with so many other detailed cleaning tasks. But this week I'm just not feeling it.

And shall we talk about hobbies? Hobbies are supposed to be fun and relaxing.  But this week, I feel like I've had to force even the smallest amount of time making very little progress on my projects. I set a big goal for my cross stitch this year and it breaks down to about 2.5 hours a day. I haven't picked it up at all this week and that leaves me feeling like a failure.

There is plenty of time in my day.  If I work on hobbies for 2-3 hours, clean for 1-2 hours and go for a 30-60 minute walk every day that still leaves 2 hours (in an 8 hour "work" day) to do whatever.  Not to mention all the evening hours and weekends! So why can't I get things done?

Maybe I'm being lazy. Maybe I expect too much. Maybe it's a bad attitude.  And maybe it's just one of those weeks?