Wednesday, October 19, 2016

3 Fun facts about Beetlejuice

1. Michael Keaton spent only two weeks filming his part in the film, which lasts 17.5 minutes out of the 92 minutes running time. It is his favorite film that he's done. He came up with the costume and look of Beetlejuice and ad-libbed many of his lines.
Beetlejuice was originally written as a horror film and he was a winged reptilian demon. His goal was to kill the Deetz instead of frightening them away.

2. Catharine O'Hara was a replacement for an ill Anjelica Houston as Delia. On the set she met her future husband, production designer Bo Welch.
The original plan for the dinner party was to have the guests dance to a song by The Ink Spots, but Jeffrey Jones and Catherine O'Hara suggested the music be calypso.

3. In the wedding scene, Lydia's dress is bright red. According to the old rhyme about wedding dress colors, it's "Married in red, better off dead."
Wynona Ryder was only 17 during this movie and was chosen to play Lydia over the 15 year old Alyssa Milano.

*Ok, that's way more than 3 facts. But did you notice how I squeezed them all in?

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