Thursday, January 12, 2017

How I'm using my planner

I made this mock spread to show you how I'm currently using my Coloring Planner from PlanAhead.

The top line I use for our paydays, birthdays, holidays or any all day event. I add the weather next to the date and then divide the rest of the space in to two columns.

On the left, the top line is for meal planning followed by housework, my water tracker and anything hobby related.

On the right, appointments go on the top line followed by a list of To Dos. We don't have too many appointments  and sometimes I use this line for an extra to do.

Here's a look at the full week:

I may change things later, but for now this is working. I am using the note section in the back to track my walking and weight as well as my yearly goals.

I'm finding that everything I was putting in my Bullet Journal  (except longer, more typical journal entries) is fitting in this planner.

Are you settling in to your 2017 planner? Is your style of planning working so far? Do you see adjustments coming soon?


  1. Yes I have found that I am settling into it nicely. I love this big coil in it the planner, much better than smaller coils. So far its working. No adjustments for now.

    1. Im glad its working. I thought I would be having a hard time with the space limits, but I'm doing ok with it.