Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Fitbit Progress Report

Week of April 17-23, 2017

Goal: 42,000
☆Total steps: 23,323
16,682 less than last week
18,677 less than goal
Best day: Tuesday with 5,066 steps

☆Total floors: 4
12 less than last week

Goal: 17.5 miles
☆Total miles: 9.28
6.63 less than last week
8.22 less than goal

Goal: 1,800 a day
☆Average daily calorie burn: 1,822
115 less than last week
22 more than goal

Goal: 30 minutes a day, 210 a week
☆Total active minues: 48
68 less than last week
162 less than goal

Goal: exercise 5 days a week
☆Total days: 1
2 less than last week
4 less than goal

Goal: 8 hrs of sleep a night
☆Average sleep: 8 hr 41 min
1 hr 4 min more than last week
41 minutes more than goal

Goal: 8 hrs a day with 250+ steps
☆Average hrs a day: 6
2 less than last week
2 less than goal

☆Average resting heart rate: 76
2bmp more than last week

Goal: 252 oz this week
☆Total water: 104 oz
4 oz more than last week
148 less than goal

☆Weight: 173.6
Same as last week


  1. Those are some good things to keep track of, good going

    1. Thanks. Maybe this week I'll have better results. Nothing like a bad week to get you mitivated.

  2. You are doing well!!!! Keep up the solid movement and you will see the scales drop!!!