Friday, April 7, 2017

My fitness planner

Here's more details about my fitness planner.

I'm using this Mini Happy Planner from Michael's. I loved that it's undated so I could start it April first and not waste three months.

First thing inside is a twelve month tracker for weight and measurements.
I haven't gotten around to taking measurements yet LOL.

Each month starts with a monthly view calendar. Since I'm doing the 5k challenge in April, this is where I'm tracking that. *note my daily reward stickers.  So far so good LOL.

This is the weekly view:

It has a place to track each meal and calories. And at the bottom is a place for exercise and water.

The last page each month is a review page. I kind of feel like they want you to put in a photo of yourself.  I take pictures but don't have any way to print them right now,  so I'll just write in my thoughts.

If your on a fitness/weight loss journey,  this is a handy little place to track your progress.


  1. That is one cool planner....I maybe asking Jason to ride along to micheals soon!!!

    1. Be sure to look online at their coupons. They always have between 40-60% off.

    2. Looks like a wonderful planner.

  2. I put stickers on my calendar for each day that I work out :) Planners always have the section for measurements, and I always mean to fill that part in but never seem to.