Friday, June 16, 2017

Little Things

1. The weather report:
Partly cloudy, a stray shower or thunderstorm is possible.  High near 90f. Winds south at 10 to 20mph. Tonight isolated thunderstorms, low around 75f.

2. Today is:
Fresh veggies day. Also the second day in a row that our 5am walk didn't happen due to rain. It will be a hot, muggy walk later today.

3. Currently I am:
~wearing - shorts and a t shirt. But will put my jeans on when we go to the bank later.
~thinking - about this weekend's to do list.
~thankful for - the new shoes R surprised me with this week.

4. Around the house:
There's just a little housework to do today.
~in the kitchen - I want to bake a cake this weekend for father's day.
~in the craft room - I didn't work on anything yesterday.  Maybe I will today?

5. One of my favorite things:
Clean, fresh sheets.

6. 3 random things:
1. Pepper's allergies are bad this year.
2. Squats are not fun.
3. I've got to mop the floor today.

7. Today's motivation:
"Envision a positive future. And enjoy living your life to make that future real." Ralph Marston

8. The best part of this week:
Being happy and reaching 10k steps two days in a row.

9. This week's struggle:
I wanted ice cream every day! Can you tell the hot summer temps are here?

10. Goals:
This week -
1. Mail cards. ☆done.
2. Finish bathroom at rental house. *not done.
3. Start new cross stitch.  *not done.

Next week -
1. Start packing.
3. Detail the truck.
4. Finish bathroom and lay brick pavers in back yard of rental house.


  1. You sound busy! Summer makes us all feel like we want to be a little lazier :) Hang in there, you'll get it all done!

    1. The list is never ending LOL. But I love checking things off the to do list.

  2. I agree 100% - fresh clean sheets :)