Friday, June 30, 2017

Little Things

1. Weather report:
Thunderstorms in the morning,  then scattered thunderstorms in the afternoon,  some may be severe. High 83. More storms tonight,  low 66. Humidity 98%

2. Today is:
Meteor Day

3. I am:
~having breakfast while I write this.
~ready for the exterminator at 11:00.
~excited to look at more houses tomorrow.

4. Outside my window:
Now that the rain has stopped for a bit, the birds are chirping.

5. Around the house:
Everything  is clean and in order. I worked in the kitchen yesterday cleaning cabinets and shelves. I moved two shelves and mopped behind and under them. And I completely emptied, cleaned and organized the pantry.

6. In the kitchen:
I guess the above should of/could of gone here LOL. I think we will have chicken spaghetti with a salad and garlic bread tonight.

7. In the craft room:
I will be posting my June cross stitch later today as well as an update on my bigger project.

8. One of my favorite things:
Watching young kittens learning to walk and explore. I love it when they start to pounce on each other. I miss kittens LOL.

9. 3 Random things:
1. I think I can pack everything we have in 10-12 boxes.
2. I talked to my lawyer today.
3. It takes only 5-10 dollars a month to feed my sugar glider (not counting worms). I wish we could eat for $10 a month!

10.  Today's motivation:
"Have confidence in your purpose, in what you're doing, and in your ability to get it done. Let that confidence power you forward,  above the frenzy,  in calm, peaceful,  thoughtful  and effective effort." Ralph Marston

11. Today's strength:

12. Today's weakness:
Too early to tell  just yet.

13. What was the best part of this week?
R's surgery going well despite the fact that he had to go through it without anesthesia.

14. What did you struggle with this week?
Anxiety about buying a house and having to move out of here before we have the new one.

15. Goal review:
This week -
1. House hunting ☆Done
2. Finish cross stitch ☆Done
3. Pack *Not yet, there just isn't that much to do and I'm saving it until the last minute.

Next week -
1. More house hunting
2. Yard work and finish little things inside the rental.
3. Pack? I think we will be moving this week.


  1. You've got this and with you and R by each others side nothing can keep you down for long.

  2. Packing is always best saved for the last minute. (Hahaha). I always procrastinate with packing!!!!!!!!!