Wednesday, July 5, 2017


My 4th of July was pretty lonely.  I'm home alone with the dogs while R is 200 miles away in the hospital. I worried all day and it seemed like time was standing still. I journaled a lot and got in about 40 minutes of exercise.

I also wandered around and took a few pictures.  Here's a close up look at my holiday.

Did I mention that it rained almost all day?

 A little homemade trail mix.

 A little stitching.

 Buddy's big foot.

Christmas laying as close as she could to her big brother during all the "scary" fireworks.

R might have to have surgery again, but I don't know for sure until the doctor sees him this morning.  If he says yes, it will be done today. So, July 5th is going to look a lot like July 4th.


  1. Hoping for a positive outcome for R!

  2. So sorry that he is back in the hospital. Any word on when he will be home?

  3. ((((((Hugs)))))) sending good thoughts your way that all goes well.

  4. Booo for a lonely holiday! And double boo about the news of R being in the hospital again! Hoping for the least invasive route to health!!!!!