Friday, July 28, 2017

Little Things

Today is:
*National Milk Chocolate Day.

I am:
*finishing packing for my trip tomorrow.
*Worried that R will need me while I'm gone.

Around the house:
*doing last minute housework  today.
*the insurance agent will be here today at 2:00.
*the tree trimmers were here yesterday and the yard looks really nice.

In the craft room:
*it's time to post July's small cross stitch at Log Cabin Crafts.

Healthy Me:
*the scale is moving in the right direction.
*I am not sure how much exercise I will get at my mom's.

3 Random Things:
1. We are thinking about changing phone providers.
2. I need a new pair of jeans, maybe mom and I will go shopping.
3. My blood pressure today is 114/84.

Today's motivation:
"What is inside you is completely yours to choose. Choose strength, endurance,  kindness, love." Ralph Marston.

The best part of this week:
*getting settled into this house.

This week's struggle:
*negative voices about my weight.

Goal Review:
1. Get ready for my trip. ☆Done
2. Catch up my miles. ~Not done
3. Work on rug. ~Not done

Goals for next week:
1. Enjoy my time with mom.
2. Date night with my son.
3. Start August cross stitch.

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  1. I love your motivational saying!!!!! It's perfect for me!!!!