Thursday, December 15, 2016

3 Thoughts on planning in 2017

1. I LOVE PLANNING.  I love the planners, the notebooks, the pens, the stickers. I love the process of writing things down and knowing what's happening when. I enjoy watching the Plan With Me videos on Youtube and reading blogs about Bullet Journals. Planning will definitely be a big part of my life in 2017.

2. CHOOSING A PLANNER. I bought several planners recently. The vertical Happy Planner, the horizontal Recollections planner, the personal size Recollections planner with inserts, a monthly/weekly planner by PlanAhead and a daily/hourly also by PlanAhead. And a new Bullet Journal.

What did I choose to use?

The monthly/weekly Coloring Planner by PlanAhead. I love all the pictures to color! Because of the limited space, this will definitely change the way I plan. But I think I have it figured out.

3. WHAT ABOUT MY BELOVED BULLET JOURNAL?  I absolutely LOVE my Bujo and I struggled with the thought of letting it go. There's so much freedom and flexibility. I love having the space to write about anything and having it all in one place. So..... I will also be using it again next year. I will use it for notes, thoughts, trackers and lists as well as probably adding in some of the same things from my planner.

Now that I have my planners figured out, it's time to finalize some plans and goals! Are you using a planner or combination of planners in 2017? I'd love to hear about the system you have chosen and how you plan to use it.


  1. Replies
    1. I really like it. Still getting used to planning different.

  2. I am very particular about my planners too! I looked at several before I bought mine. I would be lost without my planner and wouldn't have any idea what was going on.