Monday, February 13, 2017

He's been through a lot

A tribute to Pepper Jack.

My dog has been with me since he was 12 weeks old. The owners were down to the last two in the litter and said that if they couldn't find homes for them they would be put to sleep. I couldn't take both, but I fell in love with this little black one.

He was scrappy looking and his legs were too long for his body. His hair is wiry and not super soft. He was scared and awkward. He needed me.

What I didn't know then was just how much I needed him.

He's been with me through:
1. A divorce.
2. Living in my car for two weeks.
3. A new boyfriend.
4. An out of state move.
5. 4 jobs.
6. A new marriage.
7. Step son issues.
8. A traumatic injury that required 4 surgeries, a year in recovery and countless hours of physical therapy.
9. Husband's serious illness that also had a year long recovery.
10. A death in the family.
11. Another move.
12. And he is allergic to grass causing him to lose hair and breakout all summer. (He is so miserable in the summer.)

All of this in his short 9 years. He never complains.  He never thinks of running away. He is always by my side (really....he follows me everywhere, even the bathroom lol).

So, if he wants an extra treat, he gets one. If he wants extra belly rubs, he gets it. And if he wants to sleep on my lap for 8 hours one day, making it so I don't get anything done,  then that's what we do.

I am so thankful that he is in my life. Spending a day (or two, or three) snuggling and playing every week is such a small thing. There's no way I could ever repay him for all the love he gives me. But I try. I love him back with all my heart. I hope he knows.

Thank you, Pepper. My life has truly been blessed with your presence.

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