Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Make life the best

By Ralf Marston at The Daily Motivator.

Progress doesn't just happen because you wish for it. Progress comes about when you work to create it.

To improve the output, improve the input. To improve what you get, improve what you do.

Make positive, empowering changes to your environment.  Stay away from people who drag you down,  and get yourself around those who challenge,  inspire, motivate, fascinate you.

Raise your expectations of yourself and of others, then exceed those expectations.  Raise your level of engagement,  your discipline,  your commitment,  focus, awareness.

When effort is called for,  make extra effort.  When something must be done or can be done, then go beyond it.

The beauty in each moment begs you to create new greatness. Answer the call, and invest yourself fully in making life the best you know it can be.

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