Friday, June 23, 2017

Little Things

1. Weather report: partly cloudy with isolated thunderstorms.  High 79f, low 58f, humidity 96%.

2. Today is: national pink day, take your dog to work day and our payday.

3. I am:
~changing my housework routine.
~packing for our move.
~watching Game of Thrones. Just finished the first season.

4. Outside my window: so far the sun is shining.

5. Around the house: the dog's are still asleep. It's nice and quiet, no tv or radio noise. I love my morning time.

6. In the kitchen: the smell of fresh coffee. I think we will grill hamburgers tonight.

7. In the craft room: still working on June's small. I'll probably work on it quite a bit today because I don't have a lot of housework.

8. One of my favorite things: the first hour after R gets home from work when we chat about how our day went.

9. 3 random things:
1. I have a planner class tomorrow.
2. R and I were both born on Thursdays.
3. All 3 of our dogs will be 10 years old this winter.

10. Today's motivation: "What you give, what you offer, the flavor of your disposition, is all reflected back to you in every experience.  Make your life very good by being very good to all of life." Ralph Marston

11. What was the best part of this week? Sticking to my workout plan.

12. What did you struggle with this week? Not too much struggle this week. But yesterday I was feeling very emotionally needy.

13. Goal review:
This week
1. Start packing ☆Done.
2. Detail the truck *Not done.
3. Finish bathroom and lay pavers in backyard  ☆*Finished the bathroom,  but not the pavers.

Goals for next week:
1. House hunting.
2. Finish small cross stitch.
3. Get Brill's room packed.


  1. Good week indeed! We may be grilling burgers tonight too!

  2. Our poor dogs stayed home :( I think today is my emotionally needy day...come on tomorrow. Better get back to the grill...pork tenderloin and asparagus for dinner...yum!

  3. I wish it was cooler here but no such luck. Good luck with house hunting I know how stressful that can be.

  4. My, you are busy. I hope it calms down for you soon