Friday, July 14, 2017

Little Things

Today is:
National Nude Day
(sorry no photo)
Shark Awareness Day

I am:
*listening to the rain and thunder.
*a little behind on my miles this week.
*loving this week's yoga.

Outside my window:
*thunderstorms, high 87, low 70.
*I didn't sweep the sidewalk after mowing yesterday and now it's a wet mess.

Around the house:
*Christmas is hiding under a blanket because she hates the thunder.
*it's nice to have all the housework done - nothing extra to do today.

In the kitchen:
Thinking I will put chicken and rice soup in the crock pot.

In the craft room:
It's time for July' s sneak peek:

One of my favorite things:
Going to bed early - getting up early.

3 Random Things:
Things I remember from my childhood.
1. Friday night's at the skating rink.
2. My first fish aquarium.
3. Being attacked by a chow.

Today's motivation:
"Fully embrace present reality, whatever it may be. Within it you'll find many opportunities to do truly wonderful things." Ralph Marston

The best part of this week:
Getting back to my routines.

This week's struggle:
Falling behind on my water intake.

Goal review:
This week
1. Deal with every moment as it comes. ☆I did really good with this.
2. Spend time with R. ☆As much as possible.
3. Drink more water. ☆I am drinking more than last week, but not enough to meet my goal.

Next week
1. Finish cross stitch.
2. Count carbs.
3. Pack for my trip to mom's.

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