Friday, July 21, 2017

Little Things

I am:
*packing everything today.
*having weird dreams this week.

Around the house:
*I will have everything packed and ready to go in the morning.
*This will be a busy weekend.
*No cooking today or tomorrow. It will be take out. I hope I don't blow the diet too bad.

Healthy Me:
*I've been doing well counting carbs this week.
*I haven't hit 8k steps yet this week, I have 3 days to get this done twice!
*I weighed 169.8 this morning.

In the craft room:
*It's all boxed up, I'm glad I finished my small early this month.

3 Random Things:
*A rock hit the glass door last night while R was weedeating and it shattered into a million tiny pieces.

*My hair has grown a lot this year.

*Did you know I sort all the clothes in our closet by color?

Today's motivation:
"When there's an opening, take it. When there's progress to be made, make it." Ralph Marston


  1. I do that too! Sort my clothes by color (and size!) I'm glad I am not the only one!

  2. I sort my clothes in the closet by color too, and also by type (all short sleeve shirts together, all pants together, etc.) It makes it so much easier to find things.