Friday, August 4, 2017

July Review

July was an interesting month to say the least.  There was a week long hospital stay, packing, moving, preparing for a trip and up and down diet and exercise efforts.

It's time for another super long monthly review. Let's break it down by my life focus areas.

My goals in the home category were:

1. Find a new house.
*We are still searching for the house that gives us that "I'm home" feeling. 

2. Pack and move.
☆We did do this!  We moved into another one of the rentals. However, we can't do this forever, there's only 65 of them lol. And they don't bring in money if we are living in them.

3. Visit Mom and B2.
☆I got here on the 29th.  

Moving on to the health category...

1. Walk 85 miles.
I walked 64.9 miles.

2. Reach 8k steps at least twice a week.
Week 1 -3x
Week 2 -2x
Week 3 -1x
Week 4 - 1x

3. Weigh less.
July 1st - 172.4
July 31st - 173.4

4. Drink more water.
Last month - 738 oz
July - 584 oz

5. No stress eating.
☆I tracked this really close the first week and discovered that I don't turn to eating when I'm stressed. During those times, I tend to not eat enough.

My poor hobbies. I feel like they've been neglected for quite some time now.

1. Finish the second frog cross stitch.
☆Another small stitch done!

2. Get caught up in my 3 year journal.
*I did not do this. I'm so far behind that I think I will just put it aside for this year and reevaluate my desire to do it when I'm working on goals for next year.

3. Make some decisions about what I want in my bullet journal. 
☆I go back and forth about this all the time. But that's one of the best things about a bujo, the flexibility. I use it every day, but I am also enjoying my happy planner so many things get duplicated. I made some small changes and have August all set up.

How was I successful? 
☆I completed two of three home goals.
☆I completed one of five health goals.
☆I completed two of three hobby goals.
☆I earned the fitbit London Underground Badge (250 miles).

What didn't go so well?
*I had one very unmotivated week and several unmotivated days.
*My weight still isn't showing any improvement. 

What can I do differently? 
*????? If you have any ideas, let me know.

How do I feel?
*A quote from my journal on July 25th: "It all seems like a waste of time."
*Proud of my 13k+ step day.
*A quote from July 19th: "I am not sure counting carbs is any better than counting calories."
*I need more activity, but I feel like I'm already pushing myself and not reaching the goals I set.
*I don't want to increase my goals until I'm reaching them consistently. 

What motivates me?
☆My journal. 
☆Reward stickers in my planner.
☆Accountability to my blog.
☆Other bloggers.

I give myself 2 of 5 stars.

Let's set some new goals! 

1. Continue house hunt.  Find the one!
2. Work on the rental house.
A. Paint
B. New carpet
C. New shelves in the closets
D. Other small projects 
3. Visit mom and B2.

1. Weigh less.
2. Reach 8k steps at least twice a week. 
3. Walk 80 miles.

1. Finish last frog cross stitch.
2. Work on rag rug.


  1. It took us almost 9 months of house hunting to find the right house for us. It's time consuming, but just when we almost gave up, there it was!

  2. You have 65 houses?!?!?
    You must be a pro at house hunting ;)