Wednesday, January 4, 2017

3 challenges of 2016, Review

1. The Change Jar Challenge. 
I saved my change all year and recently counted it all. In 2016 I saved $132.67!

Since I'm using a 5 gallon jug and it's nowhere near full, I'm going to keep it in the jug and continue to add to it.

2. Declutter 2,016 items in 2016.
I really enjoyed this challenge and it was fun tracking it in my journal. About May or June I was really behind and thought I wouldn't make my goal. But, the closer we got to moving the more I was decluttering and I got rid of 2,325 items! 

There are several more things that will go as we finalize our move this month but I don't think I will be tracking it.

3. I started 2016 with the 6 month shape up. I love this program and have gone through it several times.  This year ended up very stressful and I stopped at month 5.

I was also trying to walk across America following the Discovery Trail. I officially tracked only 73.56 miles towards this goal.  I am continuing to track my walks for this and hopefully this year will be better.


  1. That is a lot of change and good for you on the decluttering. I look forward to cheering you on where your weight loss is concerned my friend.

    1. Thank you. I be in your cheering section as well. We can do this, right?