Friday, February 17, 2017

Little Things

February 17, 2017

1. Today is:
Going to be a beautiful day,  sunny and 70.

2. What made you smile today?
Thinking about R having a 3 day weekend. 

3. What was the best part of this week?
Getting all moved and unpacked by Wednesday.  Downsizing to just things we need and use helped the move go well.

4. What did you struggle with this week?
Lady bug issues  (you know, the ones we get once a month).

5. Self care is not selfish. Be kind to yourself.  What did you do "just for you" this week?
I paid attention to my body and rested when I needed it. I also started doing Body Flex again.

6. Never let the things you want make you forget the things you have. List three things you were grateful for this week.
1. Son's new job.
2. A friend's generosity. 
3. Being at home to help the dogs adjust to new surroundings. 

7. Share something fun. A quote, photo, book, website or anthing else that others might enjoy.

8. What are you reading,  watching, listening to, making, thinking, wishing, looking forward to, etc.?
-making pasta for dinner tonight. 
-thinking about what movies to rent this weekend. 
-hoping the nice weather sticks around.

9. Did you reach your goals this week? List 3 goals for next week.
I reached all 3 goals I set last week.
1. Get  all the mini blinds replaced. 
2. Finish my small cross stitch. 
3. Do Body Flex Monday through Friday. 

10. Sum up your week in just one sentence.
This week was challenging,  productive and a total success. 

Little Things is designed to help us remember all the little moments that might get lost in our day to day lives. I hope you'll join me.

Just 3 rules:
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  1. Glad you had a good week. Now you need to send me a letter with your new address :-)