Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Healthy Me - February Review

February went by so fast! It was busy and full of changes and adjustments. It seems like I was just getting settled into the month and it was over. Let's see how I did with my health goals.

1. Lose 3 pounds. I started February at 170 pounds. The first week I gained a pound. The second week I lost 3 pounds. The third week I went back up one pound and week four I stayed the same. End of month status: -1 pound.

2. Increase water intake. I averaged 1.5 cups of water per day this month. Some days I drank 3 cups, some days none at all. Overall, I really fell short in this area.

3. Walk 10 miles. This makes me laugh now. Did I really think I would accomplish this during a move and big adjustment to routines? I walked 1.5 miles in February. (I'm talking about purposeful, exercise type walking not just counting steps.)

4. Start new skin care routine. I did start this, but I'm struggling with making it a consistent habit. I only did it 5 out of the 28 days.

I think I need to set more specific goals for March and put more intentional effort into reaching these goals.

March goals:
1. Lose 3 pounds.
2. Track food and exercise daily.
3. Drink at least 24oz of water a day.
4. Do at least 15 minutes of exercise a day.
5. Skin care 3 days a week.
6. Schedule goals in planner each week.

That's it for February's update. I hope you had success with your healthy goals. If you've gotten off track a bit, today's a great day to start again! Why not set a few goals that will benefit your health in March? I'd love to know how your doing.

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  1. What is the skin care routine? My goal is to wash my face before bed each night, and I do most nights, but sometimes I just get lazy.