Friday, April 7, 2017

Little Things

1. Today is: Friday, April 7, 2017. It's another beautiful sunny day!

2. What made you smile today?
Putting on my jeans and them feeling just a little bit looser.

3. What was the best part of this week?
Reaching my water goal every day.

4. What did you struggle with this week? Not really any struggles this week. How is that possible?

5. Self care is not selfish. Be kind to yourself.  What did You do "just for you" this week? I bought a new digital scale to help me better track my weight loss.

6.  Never let the things you want make you forget the things you have. List 3 Things you were grateful for this week.
1. Texts from my daughter in law.
2. A safe place to take walks.
3. Beautiful spring flowers.

7. Share something fun. A quote, photo, website or anything that others might enjoy.
I have been enjoying reading the blog Believing in myself by MaryFran.

She is a down to earth person and such an inspiration to me. She is crazy active and reading about her running always amazes me. I love that even though I'm not a runner, she still sends encouragement my my with kind words. She never makes anyone feel that her way is the only way to be active, healthy and lose weight.

MaryFran has fun weekend "daytrips" and posts great photos for us to enjoy. Not only are they fun, but I've actually learned a thing or two LOL.

If you like positive, honest blogs, I think you would enjoy following her journey,  so be sure to check out her blog.

8. What are you reading, watching, listening to, making, wishing, looking forward to, etc?
Making- I started a new small cross stitch that will fit in with my kitchen decor.

9. Did you reach your goals this week? List 3 goals for next week.
This week:
1. Work on birds cross stitch. I didn't do this at all.
2. Focus on my Healthy Me 2017 plan. ☆Total win. It's been on my mind all day every day and I've made great,  healthy choices this week.
3. Complete the 5k challenge tasks daily. ☆Another success!
Next week:
1. Continue 5k challenge.
2. Call grandson on his birthday.
3. Get my hair trimmed.

10. Sum up the week in just one sentence.  This week was triumphant.

Little Things is designed to help us remember all the little moments that might get lost in our day to day lives. I hope you'll join me.

Just 3 rules:
1. Please use the Little Things logo and link back to my blog.
2. Answer the listed questions.
3. Come back here and leave a comment to let me know your Little Things post is ready to read.

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  1. You just literally made me cry!!!!! Good tears. Thank you for such fabulous kind words about my blog and myself!!!!

    No way if I can remember what I was going to say about your blog before you got me crying!!! :-).

    Congrats on the loose pants! That is a wonderful victory!!!!! And a triumphant week....we can't ask for anything better than that!!!

    I do have a of the cross stitch please!!! :-). I haven't worked on any cross stitch in a few years. I tend to get sucked into these enormous pieces that take many many months to complete and then get burned out!!! (ok and I've been working on my dollhouses lately!!)

    1. I'd love to see the dollhouses! I tried to build one year's ago and got discouraged by all the details. It just wasn't coming together for me. Maybe because it was a kit?

      I usually post my cross stitch on my other blog but I'll show this one here in a couple days.