Wednesday, April 19, 2017

My ridiculously detailed routine

One thing you may or may not know about me is that I thrive on routines. Not knowing what is coming up next really kicks in my anxiety. I find peace and comfort in repetitive actions. I have been quoted saying that my dream job would be sorting screws.....cross point, cross point, flat head, cross point, flat head.... LOL I could do it all day and not be bored.

I also have a slight obsession with tracking things, organizing my house, journals, planners, pens, stickers and most office, school and craft supplies.  (I'm also obsessively in love with my husband,  but that's a completely different post.)

So knowing that, this post may not come as a surprise to you. And it may explain why my blog tends to have repetitive post themes.

Today I'm going to share my rediculously detailed daily routine.

6:00am quiet time, meditation

7:00am RS time, check planners

8:00am make bed, shower, hair, skin care, get dressed

8:40am swish, swipe and sweep (quick clean the bathroom and sweep the floors)

8:45am put dishes away (at night I wash dishes by hand and leave them in the drainer over night)

9:00am breakfast, vitamins, what's for dinner?

9:15am journal, blogs (read, write, whatever)

10:00am Daily Focus  (see list below)

11:00am Zone work (see list below)

12:00pm lunch, start dinner if using crockpot.

1:00pm walk

2:00pm free time

3:00pm hobby time. (Work on rag rug Mon and Fri,  cross stitch Tue and Thu,  Coloring Club Wed)

4:00pm 10 minute tidy (R home at approximately 4:30) *remind him to go by post office on M,W,F.

5:00pm feed dogs

5:30pm start dinner (if not already in crockpot)

6:00pm dinner and do the dishes, wipe counter tops.

7:00pm RS time (usually tv or a movie but sometimes we play games)

8:50pm 10 minute tidy, feed Brill (she is nocturnal and is just waking up about this time), set coffee pot timer

9:00pm bedtime (sometimes it's closer to 9:30)

I've been following the Flylady for about 15 years, so some of the terms I use you will recognize from her site. I have also adapted her housework routines to fit my life.

Daily Focus:
Monday - Weekly Home Blessing
1. Wash pet bowls
2. Set up weekly meds
3. Water plants
4. Dust
5. Sweep, mop, vacuum
6. Clean glass door

Tuesday - Me Day
Do something fun!

Wednesday - Anti procrastination day
Do that thing (s) you've been putting off.

Thursday - Monthly Task day
Choose one or two things from the monthly list and get it done.

Friday - Desk Day
1. Balance checkbook
2. Bills every other Friday
3. Letters, cards
4. File paperwork
5. Make grocery list

Saturday - Laundry and errands
1. Go to laundry mat
2. Get gas in truck
3. Pet store, rent movies, etc

Sunday - Groceries and Outside tasks
1. Grocery shopping 8am
2. Outside tasks: truck maintenance,  yard work,  outside windows,  clean patio furniture and grill, etc.

Zone Work:
I set up each Zone so that similar tasks are done on the same day each week. It's easier to remember that if it's Tuesday,  it's window day.

Zone 1 (changed to fit my needs) Spare room (usually referred to as Brill's room because that is where my sugar gliders cage is.) This zone is the first week of the month from the 1st to Sunday.
Mon- door (frame, handle, general dusting), ceiling (lights, vents), walls (dust corners,  photos, etc)
Tue- Windows (sill, frame, blinds, inside glass)
Wed- The table and Brill's cage
Thu- closet  (straighten, dust, declutter, if it needs anything)
Fri- baseboards and floor
Sun- outside windows

Zone 2 Kitchen. The second week of the month from Monday to Sunday.
Mon- doors, walls, ceiling
Tue- Windows
Wed- Fridge, stove,  small appliances
Thu- Cabinets, counters
Fri- baseboards, rugs, floor
Sun- outside windows

Zone 3 Bathroom. Third week M-S.
Mon- door, walls, ceiling
Tue- no window....shelves, mirror, meds
Wed- toilet, sink and under sink
Thu- shower and trash can
Fri- baseboards,  rugs,  floor

Zone 4 Bedroom. Fourth week M-S.
Mon- door, walls, ceiling
Tue- Windows
Wed- side tables and trash can
Thu- dresser and closet
Fri- baseboards, floor
Sat- wash blankets on payday week. Wash sheets on non payday week.
Sun- outside windows

Zone 5 Living Room. Last week of the month from Mon to 30th or 31st.
Mon- doors, walls, ceiling
Tue- Windows
Wed- tables, tv
Thu- couch, chairs
Fri- baseboards,  floor
Sun- outside windows

Wow, that's a lot of details! I think that the only thing I didn't add here is my monthly task list. Some things on it are the same,  but each month also has it's own seasonal items to do.

So, that's how I spend my days. It looks super busy,  but there is a lot of down time scheduled in. I don't do too much housework on the weekends because when R is home, I like to focus on our time together. I love the routine, but of course I am flexible enough that unexpected things can fit into the day easily without too much anxiety.

This probably wouldn't work for most people,  especially working women. But if there is anything you can take from it and adapt to your schedule,  I hope it helps.

If you have made it all the way to the end, thank you! I know it was long and not very exciting.

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