Thursday, June 1, 2017

Our Annual Memorial Day Decathalon

Every year during Memorial Day weekend, we have a game decathalon.

We play ten games three times each. It's a total of 30 games. That's why we play over the long weekend!

To be declared the winner of a game you have to win two out of the three times.

To win the decathalon, you have to win 6 of the ten games. If we tie one additional game is played and that person is the champion.

What do we win? Bragging rights and a cheap plastic trophy that will sit on the winners nightstand for a year.

This year's line up:

1. Yahtzee

2. Backgammon

3. Farkle

4. Mancala

5. Uno

6. Scrabble

7. Dominos

8. Rummy

9. Chinese checkers

10. Black Jack

And the winner is...

Me, finally! I now get to hold the trophy and trash talk. It is most acceptable to brag every chance you get all year long.

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