Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Fitbit Progress Reports

Week 1: July 3-9, 2017.

1. Step goal: 46,000/week
Week 1 total: 38,153

2. Floors goal: 7/week
Week 1 total: 1

3. Miles goal: 21/week
Week 1: 15.31

4. Calories burned goal: 1800/day
Week 1 average: 1842

5. Calories consumed goal: 1200/day
Week 1 average: 1084

6. Exercise goal: 5 days/week
Week 1 total: 3

7. Active minutes goal: 240/week
Week 1 total: 122

8. Hours with 250+ steps goal: 8/day
Week 1 average: 4

9. Sleep goal: 8 hrs/day
Week 1 average: 5 hours 48 minutes

10. Resting heart rate:
Week 1 average: 75

11. Water goal: 224 oz/week
Week 1 total: 88 oz

12. Weight:
July 10: 170.4

I knew this week would be rough. So I'm proud of what I actually  got accomplished.  It would  have been really easy to just sit and do nothing.

Moving on to better things... This journey is about learning to be healthy and making good choices MOST of the time. We've got to adapt and deal with life issues as they happen and learn not to beat ourselves up when we have a bad week.  I, in no way feel bad for having an off week.


  1. I am hoping this week is less stressful for you. Hang in there. One day at a time.

  2. As stressful and hectic as the week was for you, your progress is actually quite good. It would have been very easy to say "what the heck" and not even try. Hope the upcoming week is a calmer one.

  3. Even with a rough crazy week you did really well!!!!