Monday, July 10, 2017

Weigh Day

Last week: 171.6
This week: 170.4
Loss/Gain: -1.2

A few thoughts....

At one point this week my weight was 168.6. This week was extremely stressful and I learned that I do not have to worry about stress eating. It's the opposite,  I tend to skip food all together when I'm stressed. I constantly had to remind myself to eat this week. I also see that I wasn't drinking my water either. So even though it was a weight loss, it wasn't a healthy loss. I expect to gain a little back once I start eating 1200 calories a day again.

On another note... R is home. He had to have another stint put in his stomach and is still on an IV. Learning to do that at home was very intimidating, but really not too hard. Thank goodness that is supposed to only last a couple more weeks. Thank you all for your thoughts and concerns.


  1. It must be a weight off your mind that R is home!

    1. It is a big relief. I dont think it would be quite as bad if I had been able to be with him in the hospital. But since it's so far away and I had to stay home, it makes me miserable.

  2. So glad he is home from the hospital. Hope everything is going well for both of you.

  3. So glad that R is home! Hopefully you can get back into your normal routine again!