Tuesday, May 15, 2018

This week

For the week of May 14-20, 2018.

On the schedule:
1. Dr appointment on Monday.
2. Son's anniversary on Thursday.
3. The countdown list.
4. Routine stuff.
5. Cross stitch update and sneak peek.
6. 2018 stitches for Stitch Maynia.

Moving countdown - 4 weeks:
1. Packing.
2. Notify utilities to turn off at rental.
3. Give notice to landlord.
4. New house inspections: heat and air, electric,  plumbing.

Healthy Me goals:
1. Be mindful of calorie intake.
2. Exercise when I can.
3. Be kind to myself during this busy time.


  1. Oh your moving! Moving can be a pain, but I liked it in the sense that makes me go through all my stuff and clean out what I don't need anymore. Happy moving!

    1. I've always liked moving. It's such a fresh start.

      But we found an awesome house on the water and we're so excited. This will probably be our forever home.