Monday, January 30, 2017

Healthy Me - Week 4 and January Review

January 23-29, week 4

1. Goal: lose 1 pound.
Last week: 169
This week: 170
Loss/gain: +1 pound

2. Goal: 28 cups of water (4 a day).
I drank 17 cups of water this week.

3. Goal: Walk MWF, Strength TTh
I didn't walk or do my strength training.

Thoughts: Not enough water and no exercise is probably why I gained back a pound. Things will settle down soon and I'll be back on track.


Goals for the month:
1. Lose 3 pounds.
Starting weight: 172
Ending weight: 170
Total loss/gain: -2

2. Work up to drinking 4 cups of water a day.
There were several days I reached the goal and a few days with 5 cups.  But not consistent enough. I will keep working on it.

3. Walk 5-10 miles.
Total miles walked in January: 5.

Thoughts: I hit my weight goal mid-month, but wasn't able to maintain.  This was most likely due to one week of no exercise.  I am drinking more water than before but still working on hitting 4 cups a day- every day. Walking stopped when we put the treadmill in storage.  After this week, I hope to start walking outside.

Overall, I'm happy with it.


  1. January is always a tough month because we're jumping back on the wagon after a long holiday season of eating and lounging around haha. You did great getting back to things! Here's to a good February as well :)

    1. Thank you. Hoping February will be a good month.

  2. Not a bad month review wise. You may not have hit exactly with your goals but you did on some and the thing is youre still going at it.