Monday, July 3, 2017

June Review and July Goals

Let's take a look back at June.


1. Continue 6 month shape up.
I really haven't done well with this program this time around. It's just not holding my attention and I'm a little disappointed because I've worked through it a few times with success.

2. Lose 3 pounds.
June 1:  172.4
June 30:  170.6
Loss/gain:  -1.8
Year status:  -1.4

3. Reach 8k steps at least 2 days a week.
Week 1: 2x
Week 2: 3x
Week 3: 4x
Week 4: 2x
Reached this goal every week.

4. Walk 80-90 miles on The Webwalking Program, American Discovery Trail.
I walked a total of 76.94 miles in June.

5. Do Body Flex or yoga 2 days a week.
I kind of failed at this one.
Two weeks I did yoga 2 days and two weeks I only did yoga once.

How was I successful?
1. Completed the Fitbit NYC 10 mile challenge.
2. Earned the Fitbit Valley loop badge. (35,000 steps)
3. Showed a weight loss.
4. Reached 10k steps two days in a row this month.
5. Started started adding tiny veggies to my food.

What didn't go so well?
1. I'm not doing well with yoga or strength training.
2. 5:00 am walks = less sleep.

What can I do differently? 
Not really sure, just keep trying.

How do I feel?
I'm feeling good about my walking and my tracking. My calories are good. Still wishing the number on the scale would go down.

What motivates me?
1. I started a weekly countdown that helps me see what numbers I need each day.
2. Looking a new summer clothes makes me want to buy smaller sizes.

This month I give myself 3 out of 5 stars. ☆☆☆

I'm going to look July just a little bit differently. I know that we have a few very stressful things coming up. I'm hoping that by focusing on my fitness goals,  some of the stress will be easier to handle.

1. Walk 85 miles.
2. Reach 8k steps at least twice a week.
3. Weigh less.
4. Focus on water intake - July is hot!
5. Turn to activity and not food during the stressful days. (Add this to tracker)


  1. Good goals youll make it my friend

    1. Thank you. I'll be counting on your kind words for sure.