Monday, July 3, 2017

Walking in June

My goal for June was to make it to Old Town, MD. I came so close! Just 14 miles short.

I walked a total of 76.94 miles in June. I was aiming for 90, but R told me that was a bit to much. He suggested 80 miles, and I was really close to that.

I have now walked a total of 300.28 miles on The American Discovery Trail. Leaving 4,747.72 to go.

Just 14 more miles and I can mark off the next milestone. My goal for this trail in July is 74 miles. That will put me at the next milestone of Streby, West Virginia.

West Virginia is a total of 280.5 miles. At 80 miles a month, it should take me 3.5 months to get to Ohio.


  1. I enjoyed doing this when I had my fitbit.

    1. Before my fitbit I used the miles on my treadmill. I also had a route mapped outside that I knew was one mile each way.